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Real estate law involves many complex questions concerning rights in the ownership and possession of land and buildings attached thereto. Often referred to as the law of real property to distinguish it from the law of personal property, real estate law is governed by legislative enactments and common law built up over the course of centuries of judicial decisions.

Because real estate is one of the oldest areas of the law, it uses many old terms and concepts passed down for generations. Many rights and responsibilities regarding real estate, however, have evolved and been updated by legislative enactments.

Due to the complexity of real estate law, it is recommended that a buyer or seller of real estate retain a real estate professional to assist in a real estate transaction.

In matters from complex real estate transactions and defense from foreclosure, to navigating the bankruptcy process, our attorneys offer the guidance and expertise to take the best course of action and achieve the goals of our clients in a timely manner. With the real estate market today, it's important to have an experienced real estate attorney on your side to provide expert assistance and guidance.

Newport Beach real estate attorneys provide a wide range of commercial and residential real estate services to individuals and businesses. If you are looking to buy or sell commercial or residential real estate in Southern California, the Newport Beach real estate attorneys are able to provide the legal help you need. Our expertise and experience includes work with all sorts of issues, such as transactions, short sales, foreclosures, neighbor disputes, rental scams, right to view, restrictions by HOAs and short term rental liability.

Get the personalized attention you deserve with Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates. We use a hands-on approach to each case that has helps clients reach their desired outcome in real estate, bankruptcy, construction and business litigation matters. Our law firm's dedicated, client-focused attorneys have the experience and specialization that enables us to provide our clients skilled, vigorous and cost-effective legal services.

At Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates in Newport Beach, CA, our real estate, bankruptcy and construction attorneys deliver exactly what you need from legal representation – expert counsel with a laser-focus on your unique situation. We handle legal issues faster and at a lower cost than many other law firms. The Newport Beach real estate attorneys take the time to clearly discuss the options available, provide concise anwers to all your questions, and have the legal resources necessary to accomplish your goals.

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